The Poland-China Cooperation Center – Confucius Institute in Opole was established as a result of cooperation between the Opole University of Technology and the Peking Polytechnic. Its purpose is to promote Chinese language and culture. The institute works not only for the university but primarily for the entire community of the region.

  • We offer Chinese language courses at various levels, mainly for adolescents and adults.
  • We organize lectures and seminars on Chinese culture, society and business, helping to establish cooperation with scientific research units and companies.
  • We provide advice on education, culture and business

The Confucius Institute in Opole is not only a center for language learning, but also a place to learn about the traditions and customs of China, to discover its contemporary face. We organize:

  • Tea shows.
  • Calligraphy lessons.
  • Tai-chi classes.

Every year, the Institute organizes the celebration of the Chinese New Year, inviting original artistic groups from China.
The Institute also created its branch in Kedzierzyn-Koźle to constantly increase the reach of its offer to community. It is this activity, as well as ten years of good cooperation between the Opole University of Technology and China, and especially the Chongqing Jiaotong University (CJU) partnership, facilitated the acquisition of eight Confucian Classroom Licenses at friendly colleges. Classes will operate under Opole patronage. This offer would complement and support the “New Silk Road” project, whose goal, and thus closer cooperation with China, is coinciding with the Confucius Institute mission. Confucian classrooms will be taught in the Confucian classrooms by future engineers who could work on this project. The Confucian classes will also deal with the promotion of Chinese culture, as is the case in Opole.