Commercial courses

We offer Chinese language courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced

In Confucius Institute you will find offer tailored to your linguistic needs.


tel 77 449 81 28

Course price:

  • 550 zł for I semester – commercial group ( including cost of the manual with multimedia materials)
  • 50 zł for I semester – children groups
  • Free – for students and employees of Opole University of Technology

We will send detailed information about the course and payment along with the confirmation of the enrollment to the particular group. In the case of a group of at least 6 people, it is possible to start the Chinese language course at the beginning of each semester at any level.

Course price table

Payments should be made to accounts:

Confucius Institute (Without the possibility of receiving an invoice)

55 1240 1633 1111 0010 1797 8032

Opole University of Technology
Centre for Cooperation Poland-China
Confucius Institute in Opole

ul.Prószkowska 76 bud. 5
45-278 Opole

or to Opole University of Technology main account (With the possibility of receiving an invoice)

80 1240 1633 1111 0000 2651 2646

Opole University of Technology
ul. Prószkowska 76
45 – 758 Opole